Club 300 bowling at 4 am.

2 weeks ago

Why hello! Mach 3 no problem!

4 weeks ago

Gg jimmy. Happy bday lol.

2 months ago

Edc here we come! Year 2! :)

3 months ago

Earls sandwich! Bbq chicken! Omg! Vegas tings!

3 months ago

Their first flight together haha.

3 months ago 1 note

Copacabana!!! ;D

3 months ago

Holy Chuck Burgers!! Burger week :)

3 months ago

Fking Ubisoft! :)

3 months ago

After seeing the new TTC bus on the 53 Steeles route so many times. Im finally on it, dam it looks so sick compared to all the older TTC buses. Hopefully they’ll b a subway/train to pmall day so the commute ain’t an hour at least to get DT.. (Tory transit plan)

3 months ago